Piedra del Peñol

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in Guatapé

Also known as El Peñon de Guatapé, thanks to the fierce rivalry between the towns it straddles, this 200m-high granite monolith rises from near the edge of the Embalse Guatapé. A brick staircase of 659 steps rises up through a broad fissure in the side of the rock. From the top there are magnificent views of the region, the fingers of the lake sprawling amid a vast expanse of green mountains. Medellín–Guatape buses can drop you off at 'La Piedra.'

Take the road that curves up past the gas station (1km) to reach the parking lot at the base of the rock. Taxi drivers and horse owners will try to convince you that it's a long, exhausting climb but while it's steep, it's not far. From Guatapé, moto-taxis to the rock cost COP$10,000.

At the base there are tourist shacks selling knickknacks and numerous restaurants serving lunch (from COP$8000 to COP$12,000). At the top of the rock, snack shacks sell fruit juice, ice cream and salpicón (fruit salad in watermelon juice).