Luzhi Cultural Park


This huge, faux–Ming dynasty complex is filled with tourist shops and a couple of exhibition halls. Admission is free and the landscaped gardens, ponds, pavilions and an opera stage make it a nice area to amble.

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1. Peach Blossom Island

10.43 MILES

In the centre of Jinji Lake, China's biggest inland city lake, Peach Blossom Island was man-made with soil dredged from the lake. Landscaped with peach…

2. Twin Bridges

10.77 MILES

Zhouzhuang's most iconic bridges are this Ming-dynasty pair (双桥, Shuāngqiáo) gracing the intersection of two waterways in the heart of town.

3. Zhang’s House

10.8 MILES

To the south of the Twin Bridges, this beautiful 60-room, three-hall structure was built in the Ming era and bought by the Zhang clan in early Qing times…

4. Jinji Lake

10.85 MILES

Jinji Lake lies at the very heart of Suzhou's Industrial Park neighbourhood, home to many of the city's young professionals and expats. At 7.4 sq km,…

5. Zǒumǎ Lóu

10.85 MILES

On the 2nd floor of Shen's House and mostly skipped by tour groups, possibly because of the steep staircase. There are some furnished rooms up here and a…

6. Temple of the God of Wealth

10.85 MILES

Across Quanfu Bridge and 400m east of the old town, the Temple of the God of Wealth is housed in the former residence of Shen Wansan, Zhouzhuang's 14th…

7. Strange Loft

10.85 MILES

This mysteriously named optical art museum has a miniature hall of mirrors and a handful of room-size 3D illusions, perfect for interactive group photos.

8. Shen’s House

10.86 MILES

Near Fu’an Bridge, this residence of the Shen clan is a lavish piece of Qing-style architecture boasting three halls and more than 100 rooms. The first…