Pingjiang Lu

Top choice in Suzhou

On the eastern side of the city, this canalside road has whitewashed local houses sitting comfortably side by side with teahouses and trendy cafes selling overpriced beverages. Duck down some of the side streets that jut out from the main path for a glimpse at local life. It's a lovely place for a stroll, particularly in the early morning or on weekday evenings.

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1. Kunqu Opera Museum


Down a narrow lane, this small museum is dedicated to kūnqǔ, the opera style of the region. The beautiful old theatre houses a stage, musical instruments,…

2. Twin Pagodas

0.21 MILES

Beautifully enhanced by flowering magnolias in spring, this delightful courtyard and former temple contains a pair of sublime pagodas, which don't often…

3. Suzhou Fan Museum

0.31 MILES

The antique fans on display here demonstrate the skillful painting and embroidery of the art form. Many of the silk fans feature a cat motif; rat-catching…

4. Couple’s Garden

0.46 MILES

The tranquil Couple’s Garden is off the main tourist route and sees slightly fewer visitors than the other gardens, and its pond, courtyards and garden…

5. Soochow University

0.47 MILES

Before the communists took over, this college was China's oldest private university, founded by missionaries of the Methodist church in 1900. The…

6. Temple of Mystery

0.53 MILES

Lashed by electronic music from the shops alongside, the Taoist Temple of Mystery stands in what was once Suzhou’s old bazaar, a rowdy entertainment…

7. Sūzhōu Park

0.55 MILES

Small but charming public park in Sūzhōu's downtown area. Popular amongst local retirees, this is a great place to experience China's outdoor group…

8. Garden of Harmony

0.78 MILES

One of the lesser-visited gardens around Suzhou is the charmingly small Qing-dynasty Garden of Harmony, which has assimilated many features of older…