Xū Gate

Gate in Suzhou

One of the eight city gates that were first built to protect Sūzhōu during the Spring and Autumn Period (approximately 771–476 BC), the brick wall that we see today originates from the Yuan dynasty (1279–1368) and has undergone considerable renovation work over the centuries.

Nearby, a grand statue venerates Wu Zixu, the man credited with founding what would eventually become the city of Sūzhōu. Having lived an eventful life as a general and politician of the Wu Kingdom, he eventually displeased the king, who ordered him to commit suicide. Wu asked the king to remove his eyes after his death and hang them on the Xū Gate so that he could watch the capture of the city by the advancing Yue army.

Surrounded by a pretty landscaped park and directly next to the tourist boat wharf for sightseeing rides on the city moat.