Museo del Queso Majorero

Top choice

This superb museum is one of the island's best, with lots of interactive displays including a sit-down 'virtual goat milking' activity! Kids will enjoy the touch-button exhibits with information on the island's flora and fauna, while adults can get an education on Majorero cheese production, plus tips on tasting the finished product. There's a shop selling a range of cheeses and other local produce. For an extra €3 you can sample cheese in a degustación.

There's a restored windmill here, which you can climb up before exploring the excellent cacti garden and craft shop. All proceeds from the shop go directly to the craftspeople. There's also an inviting cafe in the courtyard where you can sit down for some wine and cheese. Note if you are arriving by bus, the museum is around 600m back up the road from the drop-off.