Playa del Pozo

Top choice in Fuerteventura

This sand and seashell beach is a picture, with its gentle curve and protected, calm turquoise waters. There are steps down into the water from the walkway along the northern side of the beach and a lifeguard is usually on duty from May to September. Often there's no one around but it can get busy during peak periods.

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1. Casa Museo Unamuno

0.35 MILES

This small museum near the church honours the philosopher Miguel de Unamuno, who stayed here in 1924 after being exiled from Spain. His crime was…

2. Centro de Arte Juan Ismael

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Named for a Fuerteventura-born artist, there are rotating exhibitions on display here. None of Ismael's paintings are on show, though you can buy…

3. Playa del Castillo

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The resort is fronted by a white sandy beach, complete with volleyball net and camel rides. It is ideal for families, although perhaps not a great choice…

5. Ermita de San Pedro de Alcántara

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Located in tiny La Ampuyenta, the 17th-century Ermita de San Pedro de Alcántara is surrounded by a stout protective wall built by the French from the…

6. Ecomuseo la Alcogida

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A restored agricultural hamlet complete with furnished houses, outbuildings and domestic animals (though there are concerns as to how well-treated they…

7. Casa de los Coroneles

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This 18th-century building has been beautifully restored, retaining its traditional central patio and wooden galleries, while other buildings on the…

8. Museo de la Sal

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Just south of Caleta, this museum has audiovisual displays that explain the history of salt and demonstrate how it is extracted from the sea. It's perched…