Cambodia in detail


Border Crossings

Cambodia shares one border crossing with Laos, five crossings with Thailand and seven with Vietnam. Cambodian visas are now available at all the land crossings with Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

Visas on arrival are available in Laos, while most nationalities enjoy 15 to 30 days visa-free access to Thailand. Vietnam grants visas on arrival only to limited nationalities, so check your passport status before heading to the border. Most borders are open during the core hours of 7am to 5pm. However, some of the most popular crossings are open later in the evening and other more remote crossings close for lunch.

There are few legal money-changing facilities at the more remote border crossings, so be sure to have some small-denomination US dollars handy.

Tourist visas are available at all crossings for US$30, but Cambodian immigration officers at the land border crossings, especially with Thailand and Laos, have a reputation for petty extortion. Travellers are occasionally asked for a small ‘immigration fee’ of some kind or some sort of bogus health certificate costing US$1. More serious scams include overcharging for visas by demanding payment in Thai baht and forcing tourists to change US dollars into riel at a poor rate. Hold your breath, stand your ground, and don't let this experience flavour your impression of Cambodians overall.

Before making a long-distance trip, be aware of border closing times, visa regulations and any transport scams. Border details change regularly, so ask around or check the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree (


Cambodia and Laos share a remote frontier that includes some of the wildest areas of both countries. There is only one border crossing open to foreigners.

Trapeang Kriel

For Laos, the Trapeang Kriel/Nong Nok Khiene crossing connects Stung Treng in Cambodia with Don Det in Laos.


Cambodia and Thailand share an 805km border and there are now five legal international border crossings, and many more options for locals.

Thailand Border Crossings

Border CrossingCambodian TownConnecting Town
Poipet/Aranya PrathetSiem ReapBangkok
Cham Yeam/Hat LekKoh Kong CityTrat
O Smach/Chong ChomSamraongSurin
Psar Pruhm/Pong Nam RonPailinChanthaburi
Choam/Chong Sa-NgamAnlong VengPhusing


Cambodia and Vietnam share a long frontier with a bevy of border crossings. Foreigners are currently permitted to cross at seven places. Cambodian visas are now available at all crossings, but for entry to Vietnam, 15 to 30 day visa-free entry is available on arrival for citizens from Asean countries, Japan, South Korea, Scandinavian countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Vietnam Border Crossings

Border CrossingCambodian TownConnecting Town
Bavet/Moc BaiPhnom PenhHo Chi Minh City
Kaam Samnor/Vinh XuongPhnom PenhChau Doc
Prek Chak/Xa XiaKep, KampotHa Tien, Phu Quoc
Phnom Den/Tinh BienTakeoChau Doc
O'Yadaw/Le ThanhBan LungPleiku
Trapeang Plong/Xa MatKompong ChamTay Ninh
Trapeang Sre/Loc NinhKratieBinh Long

Car & Motorcycle

Car drivers and motorcycle riders will need registration papers, insurance documents and an International Driving Licence (although not officially recognised) to bring vehicles into Cambodia. It is complicated to bring in a car but relatively straightforward to bring in a motorcycle, as long as you have a carnet de passage (vehicle passport). This acts as a temporary import-duty waiver and should save a lot of hassles when dealing with Cambodian customs.