Bokor's moist evergreen forests – with dry dipterocarp and mixed deciduous forests in the north – shelter a wide variety of rare and threatened animals, including the Indian elephant, leopard, Asiatic black bear, Malayan sun bear, pileated gibbon, pig-tailed macaque, slow loris, red muntjac deer, pangolin , yellow-throated martin, small Asian mongoose and various species of civet, porcupine, squirrel and bat.

Trekking trips here used to be very popular, but recent development within the park has scuppered trekking opportunities.

Over 300 species of bird, including several types of hornbill, also live here. Don't expect to see much wildlife, though – most of the animals are nocturnal and survive by staying in more remote parts of the park. Long kept off the tourist map due to Khmer Rouge activity, Bokor today is still threatened by poaching, illegal logging and development. The summit of Phnom Bokor, once only home to the abandoned buildings of Bokor hill station, is now part of a multi-million-dollar tourism development that includes the ugly Thansur Bokor Highland Resort casino, while in the southeast the Kamchay hydropower project has flooded a small section of the park.