Old Market


Kampot's Old Market building, with its art-deco-style concrete facade, was constructed during the 1930s. Various shops, travel agencies and cafes rim both sides of the building.

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Nearby Kampot attractions

1. Kampot Traditional Music School

0.14 MILES

During set hours, visitors are welcome to observe traditional music and dance training sessions and/or performances at this school that teaches children…

2. Old French Bridge

0.15 MILES

Destroyed during the Khmer Rouge period, Kampot's old French bridge was later repaired in a mishmash of styles. It is now open to motorbikes and…

3. Durian Roundabout

0.22 MILES

Kampot is famed for its durian, so what could be more fitting than a giant durian monument in celebration of the Marmite of fruit?

4. Kampot Provincial Museum

0.38 MILES

This tiny museum, inside the finely preserved French colonial-era Old Governor's Mansion, traces the history of Kampot and the outlying area. The…

5. Tek Chhouu Rapids

5.47 MILES

Popular with locals, these modest rapids at the end of Tek Chhouu Rd northwest of Kampot are surrounded by food stalls and picnicking platforms. A tuk tuk…

6. Phnom Chhnork

6.66 MILES

Phnom Chhnork is a short walk through a quilt of rice paddies from Wat Ang Sdok, where a monk collects the entry fee and a gaggle of friendly local kids…

7. Phnom Sorsia

7.66 MILES

Phnom Sorsia is home to several natural caves. From the parking area, a stairway leads up the hillside to a gaudy modern temple. From there, steps lead…

8. La Plantation


This sprawling organic pepper farm offers free guided walks in French, English and Khmer, explaining how several varieties of pepper are grown, harvested…