Catholic Church

Kampot Province

The squat belfry of the Romanesque Catholic church still holds aloft its cross, and fragments of glass brick cling to the corners of the nave windows; one side window holds the barest outline of a rusty crucifix. It’s easy to imagine a small crowd of French colonials in formal dress assembled here for Sunday Mass. The subdividing walls inside were built by the Khmer Rouge. A bit up the hill, a sheer drop overlooks the rainforest.

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1. Wat Sampov Pram

0.41 MILES

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2. Le Bokor Palace

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Bokor's most iconic building, Le Bokor Palace opened in 1925 as a hotel before being abandoned in the 1960s. In 2018 it was brought back to life and today…

3. Bokor National Park


The dense rainforests of this 1581-sq-km park shelter an incredible array of wildlife, including the Asiatic black bear, Malayan sun bear, clouded leopard…

4. Popokvil Falls

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From the junction at the top of the access road, take a right and head east/northeast for about 4km along a sealed road to two-tiered Popokvil Falls,…

5. Tek Chhouu Rapids

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Kampot's Old Market building, with its art-deco-style concrete facade, was constructed during the 1930s. Various shops, travel agencies and cafes rim both…

8. Durian Roundabout

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Kampot is famed for its durian, so what could be more fitting than a giant durian monument in celebration of the Marmite of fruit?