Hercegovačka Gračanica


Offering phenomenal views, this hilltop complex comprises a bell tower, gallery, cafe-bar and bishop's palace, but most notably the compact but eye-catching Presvete Bogorodice (Annunciation) Church. The latter's design is based very symbolically on the 1321 Gračanica monastery in Kosovo, a historically significant building that's considered sacred by many Serbs. The Trebinje version was erected in 2000 to rehouse the bones of local poet-hero Jovan Dučić.

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Nearby Trebinje attractions

1. Arslanagić Bridge

0.41 MILES

This unique double-backed structure was built in 1574 under the direction of Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasha Sokolović, who was also behind the Višegrad bridge,…

2. Hercegovina Museum

0.65 MILES

A four-storey former Austro-Hungarian barracks within Trebinje's walled Old Town now houses this haphazard but richly endowed museum. Sarcophagus…

3. Trg Slobode

0.79 MILES

Doze off at this pretty 'Freedom Square' and when you awake you might think yourself transported to southern France, with its chestnut trees and stone…

4. Bukovac House

11.44 MILES

The house where Cavtat’s most famous son, the painter Vlaho Bukovac (1855–1922), was born and raised has been converted into an interesting little museum…

5. Račić Family Mausoleum

11.46 MILES

Built from 1920 to 1921, this octagonal white-stone tomb is the handiwork of preeminent Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Inside, a heavenly host of…

6. Our-Lady-of-the-Snow Monastery

11.5 MILES

The church attached to this Franciscan Monastery (founded in 1484) is worth a look for some notable early Renaissance paintings and a wonderful Bukovac…

7. St Nicholas' Church

11.52 MILES

Peek inside this 15th-century church to view its impressive wooden altars and the accomplished Bukovac paintings of the four evangelists on either side of…

8. Baltazar Bogišić Collection

11.53 MILES

The former Rector’s Palace houses the rich library belonging to 19th-century jurist and sociologist Baltazar Bogišić (1834–1908), as well as an…