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Major drawcards include the reincarnated historical centres of Sarajevo and Mostar, counterpointing splendid Turkish-era stone architecture with quirky bars, inviting street-terrace cafes, traditional barbecue restaurants and a vibrant arts scene. There's plenty of interest to discover in the largely rural hinterland too, all at prices that make the country one of Europe's best-value destinations.

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Modern World Longest Siege - Siege of Sarajevo Half-day Tour

Tour starts from the old town of Sarajevo and immediately we head towards the War Tunnel Museum - Tunnel of Hope. On the way there (roughly 25-30 min drive) we explain and show things essential to understand reasons behind the breakup of Yugoslavia. While driving we see unfortunate Markale Massacre sites, Bosnian Presidency building, famous Sniper Alley, Marshall Tito Barracks, Bosnian Parliament, Hotel Holiday Inn, National TV house and few other locations important for the overall understanding concept of Sarajevo Siege and Aggression of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Once we arrive at the Tunnel, a tunnel which saved Sarajevo during the Siege, Tunnel of Hope which was the major "blood line" for heavily besieged and destroyed city, we learn about its role in history. We get to know how and why we dug it, how long it took, how roughly 3.000.000 people went through it, but most importantly we understand what it meant for "Sarajevans". We stay there around 1 hour as museum exhibit requires thorough explanations to better understand the importance of this place.After the Tunnel we head toward Olympic mountain of Trebević, which by vast majority of its length was a first line during the Siege of Sarajevo. At the site we have the opportunity to see where the real destruction appeared and where the real front lines used to be, and where the real sniper and artillery fire took place over innocent citizens of Sarajevo. During these times we will focus our story on postwar affects and stories of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1995 until today. One of the most amazing parts of this tour is Trebević Olympic Bobsled and story of 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games. Region of the Bobsled has been one of the important strongholds of Republic of Srpska Army (VRS) during the Siege of Sarajevo, and today offers unique opportunity to fully understand nature of resistance of Bosnian Army forces.The tour is very much enriched with great panorama views, especially from the very top of Trebević mountain where you get the real feeling what mice and cats game had been played here, and how the enemy with such a great advantage never got the real chance to take over Sarajevo city. Important stop of the tour is Jewish Cemetery - by many historians 2nd largest European Jewish Cemetery, played important role of city resistance, and during the Siege was one of the most dangerous Serbian Army Sniper positions, taking countless victims of innocent Sarajevo civilian. Aside of the Siege related importance, cemetery is heavily important historical site.Last site of the tour is Yellow Bastion - the most beautiful viewpoint above the city, offering final understanding what people of Sarajevo have been through during those 4 years of Modern World Longest Siege.The tour ends at Baščaršija square where the drop off will take place.

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Discover Herzegovina in a Day Tour from Mostar

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Blagaj tekija, Blagaj, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonFirst place is Blagaj a place where history, religion, and one- of- kind nature mix together in a mystic-spiced combination. Dervish house carved into a breathtaking cliff in 17th century,is a place where you can catch bright sun, blue sky, and fresh water from Buna spring, which is among the strongest springs in Europe.We are organizing breakfast in Blagaj next to the Buna river in one of local restaurants.Breakfast is included in the tour price. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutesStop At: The historic urban site of Pocitelj, Pocitelj, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonSecond stop is Bunski kanali a place where river Buna flows to river Neretva. Third stop is Počitelj, built in 14th century by the order of Bosnian king Tvrtko. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe. Artist paint and sculpture every part of Pocitelj, including amazing fruit that grow around it. In Pocitelj you can always enjoy eating figs, grapes, pomegranates and other various organic fruit.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Kravice Falls, Studenci, West Herzegovina CantonFourth stop is Kravice waterfalls is a place where we just leave you to have fun, swim, dive from a cliff, splash, ride a canoe, grab a selfie under one of the biggest waterfalls in Balkans. Its an oasis of life, its an oasis of fun, it’s everyone's favorite destination.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: ForticaAfter the waterfalls your tour has the taste of ex-Yugoslavia. Infamous socialistic society had huge investments in every aspect of military infrastructure. One of the monuments is located only ten minutes Southern from Mostar, abandoned aircraft hangar. Yugoslavian revolutionary, Josip Tito had fighter jets placed deep in the mountainous bowels of the hanger, ready to deploy. The natural fortress protected the planes from attack, as well as from the prying eyes of citizens and spies.Sixth stop is located on a hill above Mostar. Here you can see a fabulous daylight view of the town. Last part of Discover Herzegovina tour is Mostar war tour, explanation of the latest war in this city, and what happened between the lines, based on your tourist guide experiences and first hand stories.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Mostar GymnasiumFinish of the tour is in city center, where you will be able to see some ruins. In some of them still now standing bunkers from last war. You will be able to compare how some streets look today and how they were looking during the war.Duration: 20 minutes

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Herzegovina, Mostar, and Blagaj Tekke Tour from Sarajevo

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Konjic Bridge, Konjic, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonWe will explore the Old Town of Konjic and Old BridgeDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Museum Battle for the Wounded on Neretva River, Jablanica, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonWe shall visit open air museum "Battle for Wounded" and destroyed bridge over Neretva which in most important symbol of the JablanicaDuration: 30 minutesPass By: Jablanicas Lake, Mostar, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonWe shall be driving through very scenic road along the beautiful Jablanica Lake and Neretva River Canyon overlooking amazing mountain of Prenj. Possible stop for photos.Stop At: The historic urban site of Pocitelj, Pocitelj, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonVisit to the Pocitelj old town, city walls, forts, Pocitelj Mosque and other sights of this amazing townDuration: 2 hoursStop At: Blagaj tekija, Blagaj, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonIn Blagaj we are planned to stop for lunch and explore Blagaj Cave and famous Blagaj Dervish House.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: River Buna Spring, Blagaj, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonRiver Buna spring visit is covered by the visit to the Blagaj Dervish house which is built at the very spring and goes in one package together.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar, Mostar, Herzegovina-Neretva CantonThe main attraction of the day is Mostar and Old Bridge and Old Town which are covered in 2 hours walking tour. In Mostar we shall visit local museum and cover the history of the region.Duration: 2 hours

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Kravice Waterfalls, Pocitelj Old Town, Blagaj Tekke via Mostar

This trip presents a combination of all nature beauties, cultural and heritage sites that Herzegovina has to offer in just one day. The tour is flexible in terms of picking you up, meeting point and starting time. Trip includes visit to Kravice waterfall, the pearl of Herzegovina. During the summer days, stunning waterfall of Trebižat river, offers you to cool yourself down and take a swim. The walled town of Počitelj is embodiment of oriental - Mediterranean period of historical development in this area. The amazing Blagaj Tekke or Dervish house is Islamic monastery that gives you complacency! It was built during the Ottoman period and it is considered one of the most mystical places in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tour duration is 8 hours approximately. This is a good day guaranteed with professional driver and tour guide.

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Lukomir Highland Village Tour and Hike from Sarajevo

After an hour and a half drive beginning in Sarajevo you arrive in Lukomir, Bosnia’s highest and most isolated mountain village. The traditional lifestyles of the Dinaric highlanders are still practiced here, providing a unique window into Europe’s past. Traditional dress is still worn, and goes hand in hand with the more familiar signs of everyday life, such as electricity and running water.On the edge of the village you will be treated to a breathtaking view of Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below, as well as the neighboring Obalj and Visočica mountains. We will introduce you to the villagers and you can learn first-hand how they live in this beautiful but difficult environment. Next hike to the Peruce Waterfall (about 40 meters tall) before returning to Gornji (upper) Lukomir.At the end of the day you will also have the opportunity to see and purchase local handcrafts.

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Times of Misfortune—Sarajevo Under Siege Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Info Bosnia Tours, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonThe starting point is in front of Info Bosnia Tourist Information Center located on main pedestrian street Ferhadija, just next to “Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures”. After introduction, tour guide will lead the guests to the transportation and tour will start. On the way  (25-30 minutes) we make a short introduction to the war theme and show important sites and buildings that later can be seen on the short movie played in War Tunnel Museum (we have noted few sites in description, but there are much more locations that we explain).Duration: 10 minutesPass By: Pijaca Markale, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonMarkale massacres were two separate bombardments carried out by the Army of Republika Srpska targeting civilians during the Siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War. Pass By: Eternal Flame, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonThe Eternal flame is a memorial to the military and civilian victims of the Second World War in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The memorial was dedicated on 6 April 1946, the first anniversary of the liberation of Sarajevo from the four-year-long occupation by Nazi Germany and the fascist Independent State of Croatia.Pass By: Sniper Alley, Sarajevo, Sarajevo Canton"Sniper Alley" was the informal name primarily for streets Zmaja od Bosne Street and Meša Selimović Boulevard, the main boulevard in Sarajevo which during the Bosnian War was lined with snipers' posts, and became infamous as a dangerous place for civilians to traverse. The road connects the industrial part of the city (and further on, Sarajevo Airport and Tunnel o Hope) to the Old Town's cultural and historic sites. The boulevard itself has many high-rise buildings giving sniper shooters extensive fields of fire.Pass By: National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonThe museum is a cultural and scientific institution covering a wide range of areas including archaeology, art history, ethnology, geography, history and natural history. The Sarajevo Haggadah, an illuminated manuscript and the oldest Sephardic Jewish document in the world issued in Barcelona around 1350, containing the traditional Jewish Haggadah, is held at the museum.Stop At: Sarajevo War Tunnel, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonWith arrival to the Tunnel Museum, we will explain the position of Museum and famous mark in front of the entrance named "Sarajevo Rose". After seeing the short movie, one-hour long presentation starts that explains fall of Yugoslavia, the war in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and creation and importance of the Tunnel.Duration: 1 hourStop At: Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonAfter the Tunnel, we head toward  84 Olympic mountain Trebević, which is the closest mountain to the center of Sarajevo and a first line during the Siege of Sarajevo. At the site, we have the opportunity to see and walk on the Bobsleigh and Luge Track and experience the most beautiful panoramic views of Sarajevo which are unfortunately the main positions of the enemy army.Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Jewish Cemetery Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonJust under Trebevic Mountain lies the second largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. The cemetery contains unique shaped tombstones that can only be seen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed their shape is influenced by medieval Bosnian tombstones that are named "Stecak".Duration: 20 minutesStop At: The Yellow Fortress, Sarajevo, Sarajevo CantonFrom Jewish cemetery we are heading towards old Ottoman part of the city to visit Yellow Fortresses from which we can see Soldiers cemetery and resting place of first Bosnian president.Duration: 20 minutes