Sarajevo Cable Car

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Reopened in 2018 after being destroyed during the war, Sarajevo's cable car once again shuttles people on a nine-minute ride, climbing 500m to a viewpoint 1164m up on Mt Trebević. From here it's a short walk to the wreck of the Olympic bobsled track, seemingly held together by layers of graffiti.

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1. Emperor's Mosque

0.25 MILES

Across the river from the old city, this large stone mosque was built in 1565 to replace Sarajevo's very first mosque, a wooden structure built in 1457…

2. Sarajevo City Hall

0.25 MILES

A storybook neo-Moorish striped facade makes the triangular Vijećnica (1896) Sarajevo's most beautiful Austro-Hungarian–era building. Seriously damaged…

3. Baščaršija Mosque

0.32 MILES

Sitting behind a curtain of mature trees and a triple-arched porch, this elegant octagonal mosque has been providing solace within the bustle of the…

4. Brusa Bezistan

0.32 MILES

Built in 1551 as a silk-trading bazaar, this elegant two-storey building is topped with six green-metal domes and encircled by shops. It's now a branch of…

5. Latin Bridge

0.34 MILES

Of all the crossing points of the Miljacka River, this pale-stone triple-arched bridge is the most famous. It was known throughout the Yugoslav era as…

6. Muzej Sarajevo 1878–1918

0.35 MILES

On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot dead in their car by 18-year-old Gavrilo Princip directly outside this building…

7. Baščaršija

0.35 MILES

Centred on what foreigners nickname Pigeon Square, with its ornate gazebo-like Sebilj drinking fountain (built in 1891), Baščaršija is the very heart of…

8. Sebilj

0.35 MILES

This ornamental drinking fountain, looking more like an enclosed oriental gazebo, dates from 1891 and marks the centre of Baščaršija's central square.