Tunnel Ravne

Tunnel in Visoko

At this highly commercialised site, a dozen or more kilometres of tunnels supposedly form a labyrinth that dates back many millennia. Guides postulate that the tunnels were originally excavated by the same superculture that built the 'Pyramid of the Sun'.

Believers assert that monoliths found here give healthy vibrations, that the water inside is unusually pure (small bottles are sold for the princely sum of 10KM) and that 'negative radiation' probably made the site a place of healing. A half-hour hard-hat tour through the ever-growing network of accessible tunnels is a curious experience.

The site is accessed from an unnamed road that's well signposted from Kakanjska at the northwestern approach to town. The ticket booth is part of a souvenir strip with stands hawking crystals and alternative 'healing' products, along with a good juice and gelato bar.