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Little is actually known about the people who constructed this ceremonial center on the southern shore of Lake Titicaca more than a thousand years ago. However, evidence of their influence, particularly in religion, has been found throughout the vast area that later became the Inca empire.

In the eponymous village nearby, there are a number of hotels, restaurants, a fun little plaza with excellent sculptures inspired by Tiwanaku styles and a 16th-century church, built, no doubt, with stones from the Tiwanaku site.

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$90 Day Trips & Excursions

La Paz to Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca Day Trip Including Lunch

Tour departs after hotel pick-up between 8 and 8:30am. After arriving at Tiwanaku, the group begins a professionally guided tour through the site, which lasts approximately 45 minutes. After that time the group may explore the site on their own or visit the nearby museums in which artifacts found at the site are displayed. After visiting the museums the tour departs for an excursion to nearby Lake Titicaca and shoreline communities, stopping to take lunch at the lake, and at several points of interest along the way before returning to La Paz. Lunch (real vegetarian options available) and entry fee to Tiwanaku are included.

$90 Day Trips & Excursions

La Paz to Tiwanaku Archeological Site Private Tour with Entry

Your morning or afternoon tour starts with hotel pickup by your private guide for the 1-hour drive to Tiwanaku, about 40 miles (64 km) west of La Paz near the southern tip of Lake Titicaca. When you arrive at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed ruins, begin your 2-hour tour with your guide, who will provide commentary about the site’s long history and the culture of the Tiwanaku people. One of the most important civilizations in the Americas prior to the Inca, Tiwanaku dates back to around 200 BC and was a political and spiritual center until about 1000 AD, archeologists believe. Learn about its long reach across parts of what are now Chile, Peru and Argentina, and hear about the mysteries surrounding the civilization’s disappearance. You’ll see the city’s main adobe structures — the Puerta del Sol (Gateway of the Sun), Kalasasaya temple, Akapana pyramid and the Pumapunku stepped platform — and admire stone stelae, carved stone faces and anthropomorphic relics. Your tour ends with the return drive to La Paz and drop-off at your hotel.

$193.75 Private & Custom Tours

Exclusive Private Guided Tour to Tiwanaku Site with Pumapunku

TIWANAKU WAS THE CAPITAL OF ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIONAL ANDEAN CULTURES.The tour begins with your pickup from your selected Hotel in the city of La Paz, this is a private Excursion over the high plateau, with a comfortable and fully equipped Private transportation and your Professional / expert guide, to be able to travel to the town of Tiwanaku, situated in the Titicaca basin. (In mythology Lake Titicaca was considered the Centre of the world, two islands on it were made into the sun and moon).  At an altitude of 3,850 meters (12,600 ft) it was the highest City in the ancient world and had a peak population of between 30,000 and 70,000 residents. On our way driving to the most impressive Pre – inca archeological site you´ll be able to see Andean landscapes Very picturesque, flora and much more.Arriving in the village after a 2 hour trip, you´ll visit the most important and mysterious archaeological place, Tiwanaku was founded sometime in the Early Intermediate Period (200 BCE - 600 CE). The first examples of monumental architecture date to around 200 CE but it was from 375 CE that the city became grander in its architecture and scope. These new structures included large religious buildings, gateways, and sculptures. The layout of the city Centre was constructed on an east-west axis, built in a grid design, and the whole was surrounded by a moat (perhaps only symbolic) on three sides which linked with Lake Titicaca on the fourth side of the city. One of the oldest civilizations in America.You´ll be able to visit Tiwanaku that is the large open spaces for ceremonial and religious activities which employ fine monumental stonework, work which has long been admired including by the Incas. There are two principal types of walls - those with large irregular blocks and those with fine-fitting and straight-edged blocks. The focal point of the sacred precinct was the Akapana temple which was an artificial hill over 15 meters high and shaped into seven tiers. The Kalasasaya is another sacred structure, this time rectangular and measuring 130 by 120 meters. Its sacred sunken court provided space for public and religious ceremonies. The Pumapunku was another temple mound, once again with a T-shape sunken court but this time the mound has only three tiers. No storehouses or administrative buildings have been found at the site but there were large residential areas surrounding the sacred Centre.During this magic time over the high plateau and amazing ceremonial place, the visit to this archaeological site will be told in its history and all about arquiteture, engineering and culture by our expert Tourism Guide, who will accompany you throughout this tour.Once finishing this tour of approximately 2/ 3 hours, we will enjoy a typical lunch of local food at the proper place.Finally climb on our private transport to return to the city of La Paz and leave it at your proper hotel or place of preference.

$40 Day Trips & Excursions

La Paz to Tiwanaku Archaeological Site Full-Day Guided Tour

Located near the southern shore of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the city of Tiwanaku (also spelled Tiahuanaco) was the capital of a powerful pre-Inca civilization that dominated the Andean region between 500 AD and 900 AD. The monumental remains of this great culture include several temples, a pyramid, symbolic gates, monoliths, and mysterious carvings of alien-like faces. Arriving later, the Incas regarded Tiwanaku as the site of creation by their god Viracocha, who rose from the depths of Lake Titicaca.This is the most important Bolivian archeological site, where the monolith Bennet can be appreciated, the famous Gate of the Sun, the Kalasasaya temple, the Akapana pyramid, the semi-subterranean Temple, the lithic and ceramic museums, Puma Punku and more. Pickups begin at 7:30 am for hotels in the downtown area. For hotels in Sopocachi or in the south zone of the city, a meeting point is arranged. You return to the central San Francisco church by 4 pm approximately. Tour includes transportation, lunch, guide, and entrance fees.

$189 Day Trips & Excursions

Puno to Tiwanaku Private Day Tour and Lake Titicaca Inca sites

In this tour from Puno to Tiwanaku enoy pick up at 6:30am. During the journey, see different places like Inca Uyo, the mystical gate of Aramu Muru and stop in Pomata to observe the beauty of Lake Titicaca. When you reach the border Desaguadero we will have a passport controll. Enter Bolivia and meet a Bolivian guide who will take you to your destination, Tiwanaku, where you will have lunch and visit: Pumo Punku, Door of the Sun, Pyramid of Akapana, the Museum of Stones, Monolith Beneth and other sites. Then return to Puno, arriving at approximately 7pm. You can also be dropped off in La Paz.

$108.70 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour of Tiwanaku Ruins from La Paz

The tour begins with your pick up from your Hotel in La Paz, in your private, comfortable and fully equipped transportation and your expert guide, to be able to travel to the town of Tiwanaku, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, on the way we can see Andean landscapes Very picturesque, animals, flora and much more.Arriving in the village after a 2 hour trip, we visited the most important and mysterious archaeological museum, one of the oldest civilizations in America. We visited a ceramic Museum, Litic Museum, Akapana Pyramid, Kantatalite, Semisubterane Temple, Kalasasaya Temple (Puerta de Sol), Putuni Temple, Moon Gate, Pumapunku Pyramid, the visit to this archaeological site will be told in its history and all about this culture by its expert guide, who will accompany him throughout this tour, Finds pyramids built on volcanic rocks and forms and very attractive figures in the same material.After finishing this tour of approximately two hours, we will enjoy a typical lunch of local food, and after a short rest we climb on our private mobility to return to the city of La Paz and leave it at your hotel or place of preference.

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