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How to make Tapí Parrí (tapioca pancake)

Tapí Parrí (tapioca pancake) Try making Tapi Tapioca's Tapí Parrí at home © Roberto Renner

Here's how to make a Tapí Parrí (tapioca pancake) – one of the delectable dishes served at Tapi Tapioca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and featured in our latest Lonely Planet Food title, Around the World in 80 Food Trucks.


- 120g (5oz) tapioca starch powder (not pearls or granules) water, to hydrate
- 2g (pinch) salt
- 150g (6oz) Brie, cut into 2cm (1in) cubes
- 40g (1½oz) toasted flaked almonds
- 2 tbs truffle honey


1. Place the tapioca starch in a small bowl and gradually add water, mixing as you go. Keep adding more water until the starch is totally saturated, forming a uniform mass. Cover and leave the starch to settle for 2 hours.

2. Dab off any excess surface moisture with kitchen paper, then scoop the starch into a sieve placed over a large bowl. Rub the lumps through with a spoon. The starch will be transformed into a fine, damp powder. Mix in the salt.

3. Heat a small frying pan over a medium–high heat for 2 minutes. For the first pancake, sprinkle in a 5mm (1/4in) layer of the starch powder, covering the entire surface (use the back of a spoon to spread the powder evenly).

4. After 2 minutes, the powder will have gelled together to form a single pancake. Flip to cook the other side for 30 seconds, then flip back again.

5. Place half the quantity of the Brie cubes in an even layer covering one half of the pancake. Sprinkle over half the almonds, drizzle with the half honey and fold the pancake in two.

6. Cook for another 30 seconds so the cheese starts to melt, then slide on to a plate and serve. Repeat for your second pancake.

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