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LP Pathfinders: top posts from November 2016

Cape Town - South Africa © www.chiarasalvadori.com Looking down over Cape Town from Table Mountain © Chiara Salvadori / Getty Images

As winter rears its frosty head in the northern hemisphere we’ve been curled up by the fire (read: central heating) with another month’s-worth of wonderful travel tales from our Pathfinder’s community. December’s round-up will transport you from Africa to Edinburgh, Indonesia and beyond with epic mountain adventures, two stunning photo-posts and a fresh take on a old favourite.

The unsung heroes of Kilimanjaro – Bella Falk

Bella’s posts encapsulates an idiom that most travellers will be familiar with: it is the people you meet that make the experience. By focusing on the real people, their unique personalities and the work they do, she not only brings her own adventure to life, but sheds light on the lives and cultures of those who live and work around Africa’s highest peak.

Bella’s passions include travel, filming and photographer. Follow her blog at passportsandpixels.com

10 activities for the perfect day trip from Edinburgh – Skye Class

Edinburgh is a popular destination among our bloggers so Skye’s article about day-tripping from the city is a refreshing take on this region. With activities ranging from castles to high-wires courses and visiting ‘hairy coos’ there is something for everyone, and each listing comes with your essential need-to-know info to help you plan your own excursion out of Scotland’s capital.

Skye loves to meet new people, discover new locations and help others to do the same. Follow his blog at skyetravels.com

Is Cape Town the most photogenic city in the world? – Natasha and Cameron

If Natasha and Cameron’s posts is anything to go by, the answer to their headline is, yes! This photo post is rich with stunning imagery that showcases the diversity of the life and landscapes around Cape Town. Detailed textures, colours and compositions make you feel like you could almost step into each image.

Natasha and Cameron have been travelling the world together since October 2015. Follow their blog at theworldpursuit.com

Mount Batur sunrise hike, Bali – Chloe Gunning

It’s important to challenge yourself in life (and you get lots of opportunities to do so when you travel), but often it’s easier said than done. We loved Chloe’s posts for her honest reflections on a moment when she pushed herself beyond her comfort zone. Plus, we love the idea of eating a boiled egg that’s been cooked in the steam of a volcano!

This blogger has a passion for fun, food, style, adventure and memorable moments. Follow her blog at wanderlustchloe.com

Photography the world from the water in Europe – Lisa Burns

We all see the world through a different lens, but Lisa’s perspective in this post is particularly captivating. Blending underwater scenes with the landscapes and coastlines above in a singular shot animates the picture and creates an added sense of depth and intrigue about the destination where the two world’s collide.

Lisa is an Australian photojournalist with a serious case of wanderlust. Follow her blog at thewanderinglens.com


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