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The best worst travel pick-up lines

Happy Valentine's Day!You're travelling solo in France and looking for some company. You meet a stranger's eyes across the room of a crowded Parisian bistro. If only you had a clever Paris-themed pick-up line at the ready to break the ice and show off some of your worldly charm.

Say, like this one:

For Valentine's Day, we wanted to help the lonely travellers of the world by providing a collection of travel pick-up lines applicable to a wide range of travel situations. We kicked it off on Twitter, and the Twitterverse ran with it in all directions, some brilliant, some that made us blush, and many that were so corny that the Eiffel Tower line ended up looking downright smooth in comparison. Here are some of the best (and worst) of the bunch to keep in mind for your next trip. Good luck to you love-birds - here's hoping you find someone that enjoys travel and painfully bad puns:

And of course it wouldn't be travel humour if airport security didn't enter into it somehow:

Lonely Planet staff and authors had a play as well. US Travel Editor Robert Reid seemed especially intent on inducing groans (by vosburg here).

The best lesson of all? A little flattery never hurts:

Photo: Happy Valentines Day! by ButterflySha, Creative Commons Attribution license