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Belize District

What a contrast is the district that shares its country's name! Belize District comprises 1600 sq miles at the heart of the nation, and includes its largest population center and some of its most pristine tropical environs.

Belize City gets a bad rap for its impoverished areas, some of which are plagued by crime and violence. But the seaside city also embodies the country's amazing cultural diversity, its neighborhoods packed with people, restaurants and shops that represent every ethnicity.

Beyond the city center, the gritty Caribbean urbanism crumbles, revealing a landscape of vast savanna that stretches to the north, dense tropical forest to the west, and lush marshland to the south. There's lots to see and do in Belize District – so much that a week-long visitor could spend the entire vacation here, sampling the country's Maya heritage, Creole culture and luxuriant wildlife, all within an hour's drive of the city.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Belize District.