Encircling a statue of Sir John Franklin, Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land (aka Tasmania) from 1837–43, Franklin Sq is one of central Hobart's main public spaces (along with the Elizabeth St Mall). Sit on the grass, munch some lunch, wait for a bus, push some giant chess pieces around, or turn up on Friday night during summer for the Street Eats @ Franko food market.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Hobart attractions

1. Town Hall

0.06 MILES

Duck your head into the fabulously lavish lobby of Hobart's stately Town Hall. It was built in 1864–66 in a style based on Rome’s famous Palazzo Farnese…

2. Maritime Museum of Tasmania

0.09 MILES

Highlighting shipwrecks, boat building, whaling and Hobart’s unbreakable bond with the sea, the Maritime Museum of Tasmania (out the back of the town hall…

3. St David's Cathedral


Hobart's city-centre cathedral (1823) looks a tad austere, but inside the mood is serene and architecturally uplifting. Duck inside and regain your…

4. Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum


This excellent waterfront installation is a model of one of the huts in which Sir Douglas Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition team, which set sail…

5. Hadley's Gallery

0.14 MILES

An installation sponsored by the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery is the Hadley's Gallery at Hadley's Orient Hotel. Inside is a fascinating display of 29…

6. Parliament House

0.15 MILES

Presiding over an oak-studded park adjacent to Salamanca Pl, Tasmania’s sandstone Parliament House (1840) was originally a customs house. There’s a tunnel…

7. Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery

0.16 MILES

Incorporating Tasmania's oldest surviving public building, the Commissariat Store (1808), TMAG features Aboriginal and colonial relics and an excellent…

8. Waterfront


Hobartians flock to the city’s waterfront like seagulls to chips. Centred on Victoria Dock (a working fishing harbour) and Constitution Dock (full of…