Built in 1843 by convict and free labour, the 'Old Church’ is a much-loved local institution. Sadly, it is rarely open these days. It sits in the shadow of the Batman Bridge (pronounced 'Batm'n'), which opened in 1968 as one of the world’s first cable-stayed truss bridges.

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1. Goaty Hill Wines

1.66 MILES

The view from the corrugated-iron cellar door at this scenic vineyard, 7km east of Beaconsfield, is hard to beat. Come for a tasting (the chardonnay,…

2. Holm Oak

2.68 MILES

Winemaker Rebecca Duffy is making a splash in the local scene, producing fantastic pinot noir from grapes grown at this vineyard 4km east of Beaconsfield …

3. Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre


Learn about Beaconsfield's fascinating mining heritage at this interactive museum, which includes a large exhibition devoted to the 2006 mine rescue…

4. Hillwood Farmgate

5.62 MILES

This working farm burgeons with berries in summer. The main crop is strawberries, but there are also raspberries, loganberries and redcurrants. You can…

5. Platypus House

6.02 MILES

Cute Platypus House puts the world’s only two monotremes – the platypus and the echidna – on display for your viewing pleasure. Platypuses (including…

6. Seahorse World

6.06 MILES

At coo-inducing Seahorse World, seahorses are hatched and raised to supply aquariums worldwide. Compulsory 45-minute guided tours run on the hour and take…

7. George Town Watch House

8.44 MILES

Occupying an 1843 lock-up, this endearingly old-fashioned museum also doubles as an ad hoc tourist information office. The centrepiece is a huge, dusty…

8. Bass & Flinders Centre

8.44 MILES

Undoubtedly the highlight of a visit to George Town, this small museum in a former cinema houses a red-sailed, full-size replica of the Norfolk, the sloop…