You and your beloved probably do lots of stuff together in daily life, from critiquing films to hitting the gym. But a honeymoon is different - so the experiences you share should be different, too. Why not plunge into surfing, sail through the air on a trapeze or try your hand at tango for a boundary-pushing break from the norm?

Flying trapeze in New York City

Learning the trapeze is sure to test the limits of your love. Image by Laura Bittner / CC BY 2.0.

Have you ever wanted to fly? Here’s your chance, complete with a safety net. The Trapeze School ( introduces newbies to the thrill of dangling, swinging and jumping from the flying trapeze. And if that’s not enough, learn how to perform on trampolines or do acrobatic yoga balancing poses as a couple. Your transformative experience won’t stop there. Extend the rush by simply stepping into the non-stop action of the Big Apple. The Tribeca Grand Hotel (, a 20-minute walk from the school, offers a luxurious launch pad.

Surfing in the Nosara region of Costa Rica

Even if you’ve never popped up on a surfboard before, the reliably mellow year round waves in this Costa Rican surf destination will welcome you to the water, day after day. If you’re looking for a pure surf focus, try the all-inclusive ‘surf coaching resort’, Surf Simply (, or stay at Casa Romantica ( for easy access to the beach and a lovely pool. Between catching waves, lounge on secluded beaches, watch sea turtles lumber across the sand and take in brilliant sunsets over the watery horizon.

Dog mushing outside Anchorage, Alaska

Simply the best way to travel through the Alaskan wilderness. Image by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY 2.0.

The famous Iditarod Race ( pits experienced mushers against each other on a race through some of Alaska’s most remote wilderness. Follow in their tracks as you learn to drive your own sleds, which means loving and commanding a pack of well-trained canines with Adventure Alaska (, which offers a 7-day Iditarod tour out of Anchorage. When the two of you aren’t bonding with your new four-legged friends, you’ll be cozied up in mountain cabins surrounded by pristine Alaskan wilds.

African drumming in Guinea

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of West Africa by learning how to play the djembe, a skin-covered hand drum and center of many traditional ceremonies and gatherings. Hook up with the right master drummer, through groups like DrumConnection ( and Rhythm of Life (, and you’ll find yourselves welcomed into a village where families prepare your meals and speak melodic French. Be warned: it’s not for the dance averse; these beats inspire everyone to move their bodies.

Cooking in Oaxaca, Mexico

Nothing brings people together quite like making a banana leaf-wrapped tamale. Image by buzzthrill / CC BY 2.0.

In the land that invented seven moles - the addictive sauces that combine peppers, nuts, chocolate and spices - it’s no surprise that culinary traditions are as delectable as they are essential. Taste, toast, roast and stuff your way into Oaxacan culture during cooking classes at Casa de los Sabores ( or Seasons of my Heart (, where you’ll learn how to make everything from banana leaf-wrapped tamales to rice puddings. To reach these gustatory heights, you’ll visit local markets to buy ingredients and sample the region’s best mezcals. Stay at the charming Las Casa Bugambilias (, which is central and attached to the Casa de los Sabores school.

Horseback riding in Wyoming, USA

If you’ve ever dreamed about riding into the sunset with a ‘Yee haw!’, head to the heart of the West for a lesson in life as a real cowboy. Dude ranches of all stripes will put you to work as you learn to lasso, saddle a horse, and most importantly, gallop across the range at ranches such as Triangle X ( and The Hideout ( When you’re not in the saddle, you’ll be drinking cowboy coffee, smelling sweet sagebrush and keeping an eye on the dogies.

Rock climbing in Railay, Thailand

Experience the thrill of rock climbing as a couple. Image by Maria LyCC BY 2.0.

This small isthmus is one of the most sought-after destinations for rock climbers and there’s no shortage of experienced instructors ready to guide you up whichever wall suits your level of skill and thirst for thrills. Try Hot Rock Climbing School ( for instruction. Limestone cliffs plunge to white sandy beaches framed by turquoise waters and lush jungle, which makes the scenery as thrilling as the climbs. Recover in your own private bungalow at Railay Bay Resort & Spa ( or at raucous beach parties.

Wildlife photography in Tanzania, Africa

Let a professional photographer show you how to create stunning photographs as you stalk lions, elephants, zebras, leopards on safari. Lessons in everything from zoom lenses and composition to light and shadow will fill your days, while nighttime will bring roaring campfires and mysterious sounds from the dark. For an even richer experience, find a tour that visits local hunter-gatherer tribes. Check out epic trips from National Geographic Adventures ( and Toe Hold Travel & Photography (

Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

It takes two to tango. Obviously. Image by René Mayorga / CC BY 2.0.

Learn one of the most sensual dances on the planet in its birthplace. Sure, it might take some practice before you’re gliding over the floor in a close embrace, staring into your partner’s eyes with smoldering passion, but when that moment comes, neither of you will want to leave this elegant city. Learn from Lucia and Gerry ( and stay at Posada Palermo (, a romantic Buenos Aires B&B. Invariably, the tango will lead you to other adventures in Buenos Aires, from steakhouses to wine bars.

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