Book a stay in the UK’s first vegan hotel when it opens later this month

The UK's first vegan hotel is open for reservations, offering guests an ethical travel experience from check-in to departure.

Travel News - Saorsa 1875
Saorsa 1875 is the UK's first vegan hotel. Image by Saorsa 1875

Saorsa 1875 will open its doors later this month in Pitlochry, a Victorian village that's a popular stop for travellers en route to Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. The building is a former baronial house, built in 1875, that has been lovingly restored into a cosy and stylish 11-room boutique hotel to cater to eco-conscious vegans or those interested in plant-based lifestyles.

"The vegan philosophy extends through every aspect of the hotel. Furnishings, toiletries, cleaning products are all vegan as well as the food and drink," Jack McLaren-Stewart, the hotel's Head of Lifestyle, told Lonely Planet. "We're also working closely with animal sanctuaries and wildlife charities on fundraising efforts."

Travel News - Saorsa 1875
Hotel founders, Jack and Sandra McLaren-Stewart. Image by Saorsa 1875

With the number of vegans living in the UK estimated to be 3.5 million and rising, now seems like a pretty good time for Saorsa 1875 to launch. Everything from the bedding and toiletries to the cleaning products used by staff has been redesigned to create a luxurious and welcoming experience for ethical travellers. Not only is the hotel completely free from animal products, but it's also entirely powered by Ecotricity, a green energy company that's Vegan Society-certified.

"We wanted to create a space where everybody – vegans and otherwise – can come together to celebrate the incredible innovation and diversity that we’re seeing across the movement. This isn’t about abstinence or sacrifice, it’s an environment where guests can experience amazing food, drink and design that doesn’t come at the expense of our fellow animals," said co-founder and C.E.O, Sandra McLaren- Stewart.

Travel News - Saorsa 1875
The Lynx guest room. Image by Saorsa 1875

The hotel will also feature the area’s first cocktail bar, Faodail, inspired by the Scottish Highlands, that will host wine and spirits tasting and cocktail masterclasses. The kitchen is led by Italian chef Luca Sordi who will use ingredients either sourced from the hotel's vegetable patch or independent local suppliers. The hotel will also be partnering with celebrated vegan chefs from all over the country for one-off dining experiences.

The hotel even welcomes dogs so you can pack your pooch for a pet-friendly stay. The hotel is accepting reservations and will officially launch on 15 June. For more information or to book a stay, see here.