It’s here! Almost. The biggest English royal wedding since, well, the last one. On Friday 29 April, 2011, billions around the world will turn their rapt gaze to Westminster Abbey for the most media-blitzed wedding in history (yes, alright, except for the last one).

We’ll be keeping a keen eye on the comings and goings, the gossip and predictions, the official and fanatical. So, if you're a royal stalker looking to join Kate and William on their honeymoon, this is the perfect place to make plans. Let us be the best man, the bridesmaid, and the drunken uncle during your royal wedding travels!

Whether you’re planning your trip, watching from afar, or just need non-wedding things to do in London, this is the place. Check back regularly for news, links and updates on where to stay and where to go, how to get there and what to look for...

Heading to London? Useful resources and tips.

How to feel like you're there...from a distance

In London and looking for something to do after the confetti's been thrown? Lonely Planet has many articles and tips on what to do in Great Britain from coastal walks to foodie delights (they're also a great resource if you just want to avoid the crowds and the hoopla altogether).

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