500px Photo ID: 101802245 - The Quebrada de Humahuaca rises far above the small town of Jujuy, Argentina....Jujuy is pronounced "Who-Who-E". It is such a magnificent mountain range that words are difficult to describe it. The colors and shapes are truly like nothing else I have personally seen and photographed in my journeys around the world. .I took this photograph while standing at 4300 meters in Argentina. Having spent a few months at sea level my head felt like it would split in two or maybe two hundred pieces. This mountain range is magical and I had to wait to see what light I would get on my subject. I have never felt the effects of altitude before but I feel the wait and the pain were worth my time. Argentina and all of South America holds some incredible sights and I hope you enjoy this one...Cheers Bob

bobviv / 500px

Quebrada de Humahuaca

North of Jujuy, the memorable Quebrada de Humahuaca snakes north toward Bolivia. It’s a harsh but vivid landscape, a network of dry yet river-scoured canyons overlooked by mountains with sedimentary strata that have been eroded into spectacular scalloped formations revealing a spectrum of colors in undulating waves. The palette of this World Heritage–listed valley changes constantly, from shades of creamy white to rich, deep reds; the rock formations in places recall a necklace of sharks’ teeth, in others the knobby backbone of some unspeakable beast.

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