Garganta del Diablo

Top choice in Iguazú Falls

A 1.1km walkway across the placid Río Iguazú leads to one of the planet’s most spectacular sights, the 'Devil’s Throat.' The lookout platform is perched right over this amazingly powerful, concentrated torrent of water, a deafening cascade plunging to an invisible destination; vapors soaking the viewer blur the base of the falls and rise in a smoke-like plume that can be seen several kilometers away. It’s a place of majesty and awe, and should be left until the end of your visit.

From Cataratas train station, train it or walk the 2.3km to the Garganta del Diablo stop. The last train to the Garganta leaves at 4pm, and we recommend taking it, as it’ll be a somewhat less crowded experience. If you walk, you’ll see quite a lot of wildlife around this time of day, too. Another option is to visit at lunchtime, as most organized tours stop to eat for an hour around 1:30pm.

The entire trail is wheelchair acessible.