Córdoba & the Central Sierras

Argentina’s second city is bursting with life. Home to seven major universities, Córdoba has a young population that ensures an excellent nightlife and a vibrant cultural scene. Córdoba also has a complex history, with its architectural and cultural heritage rooted in the arrival of Jesuit missionaries from colonial Spain, who based themselves here when they first arrived in Argentina.

The rolling hill country outside of town is dotted with places that could grab your attention for a day or a month, including five Jesuit missions that each make for an easy day trip. Adventure buffs head to the hills for stellar paragliding and trekking in a couple of national parks nearby. The hippie towns of San Marcos Sierras and Capilla del Monte give a glimpse into Argentina's alternative lifestyles. Further southwest, the Valle de Conlara and the Sierras Puntanas offer a chance to get away from the crowds and into the heart of the countryside.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Córdoba & the Central Sierras.