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Created by secessionists, the people here still think of themselves as hardscrabble sons of miners, and that perception isn't entirely off. But the Mountain State is also gentrifying and, occasionally, that's a good thing: the arts are flourishing in the valleys, where some towns offer a welcome break from the state's constantly evolving outdoor activities. Charleston is the capital and the state's largest city – and its population is under 50,000.

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$135 Water Sports

West Virginia Kayaking Adventure

Discover the thrills of recreational kayaking on this accessible, 3-hour outing. At 12:30, head to The Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, where you’ll meet your guide and get ready to head out on the water. Hotel pickups and drop-offs are also available.Before you pick out a kayak, you’ll be trained in river safety and paddling techniques (no prior kayaking experience is necessary). You’ll also have your choice of a solo or two-person kayak, so families and participants of different ages and skill levels are well catered for. All necessary equipment is provided for.After you’ve brushed up on the basics, head out to the gentle waters of the Greenbrier River or the Jackson River, where you’ll have plenty of time to practice your techniques and relax amidst the rural, West Virginian scenery. Both rivers are frequented by wildlife; see if you can spot animals ranging from deer to ospreys. Enjoy the fun and refreshment afforded by an afternoon out on the water.

$165 Water Sports

Guided Paddleboard Tour on a Local Mountain Lake

Spend the afternoon on a gorgeous, local mountain lake learning and enjoying the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP for short. SUP is a growing sport among water lovers and boarding enthusiasts. What started in the Pacific Islands as a means of transportation has come to the mountains of West Virginia.Paddleboards are a wider, more stable version of an ocean surfboard that allows users to easily maneuver the board through the water using a longer version of a rafting paddle. Our Paddleboarding adventures are designed for paddlers of all ages and skill levels, including first timers.With experience, knowledge, high quality equipment and exceptional expertise, your SUP tour is guaranteed to be amazing with great memories to share when you go home.

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