Located in the Ellipse, the Zero Milestone is the marker for highway distances all across the country.

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1. Ellipse

0.07 MILES

The expansive, oval-shaped park on the White House's south side is known as the Ellipse. It's studded with a random collection of monuments, such as the…

3. White House

0.19 MILES

Play image association with the words “Washington, DC,” and chances are the first thing that comes to mind is the White House. The president’s pad is…

6. White House Visitor Center


Getting inside the White House can be difficult, so here is your back-up plan. Housed in the splendiferous 1932 Patent Search Room of the Department of…

7. Second Division Memorial

0.21 MILES

This memorial in the Ellipse honors the US Army Second Division's dead from WWI, WWII and the Korean War.

8. Organization of American States

0.25 MILES

A forerunner to the UN, the OAS was founded in 1890 to promote cooperation among North and South American nations. Its main building on the corner of…