Emancipation Memorial

Washington, DC

Freed black slaves raised the funds to erect this 1876 memorial, which portrays the snapping of slavery’s chains as Abraham Lincoln proffers the Emancipation Proclamation.

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1. Lincoln Park

0.03 MILES

Lincoln Park is the lively center of Capitol Hill’s east end. Joggers and stroller-pushing families zip past the Emancipation Memorial, a statue of a…

2. Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial

0.08 MILES

The memorial, DC’s first statue of a black woman, honors the educator and founder of the National Council of Negro Women.

3. The Fridge

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First you have to find the Fridge, a friendly gallery specializing in street art. Follow the murals into the alley across 8th St from Ambar restaurant…

4. Folger Shakespeare Library

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Bard-o-philes will be all aflutter here, as the library holds the world's largest collection of old Billy’s works. Stroll through the Great Hall to see a…

5. Adams Building

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One of the Library of Congress' three buildings, this holds 180 miles of shelving and is used mostly by researchers.

7. Marine Barracks

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The ‘Eighth and Eye Marines’ are on largely ceremonial duty at the nation’s oldest Marine Corps post. Most famously, this is the home barracks of the…

8. Supreme Court

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The highest court in the USA occupies a pseudo-Greek temple protected by 13,000lb bronze doors. Arrive early to watch arguments (periodic Monday through…