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Dallas & the Panhandle Plains

Dallas and Fort Worth may be next-door neighbors, but they're hardly twins. Long regarded as being as divergent as an Escalade-driving sophisticate and a rancher in a dusty pickup truck, these two cities have starkly different facades. Beyond appearances, however, they share a love of high (and low) culture and good old-fashioned Texan fun. A plethora of fabulous small towns, like Waxahachie and McKinney, make the surrounding area worthy of a road trip.

Leave the big smoke behind and you'll find that the Panhandle and Central Plains may be the part of Texas that most typifies the state to outsiders. This is a land of sprawling cattle ranches, where people can still make a living on horseback. The landscape appears endlessly flat, punctuated only by utility poles and windmills, until a vast canyon materializes and seems to plunge into another world.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Dallas & the Panhandle Plains.