Corpus Christi

Nicknamed the 'Sparkling City by the Sea,' but more generally known as 'Corpus,' this city by the placid bay of the same name is a growing and vibrant place. Plenty of its attractions make a visit worthwhile, and its perpetually sunny location is beguiling.

Spaniards named the bay after the Roman Catholic holy day of Corpus Christi in 1519, when Alonso Álvarez de Piñeda discovered its calm waters. The town established here in the early 1800s later took the name as well. Growth was slow, however, due to yellow fever in the 19th century and a hurricane in 1919. Construction of Shoreline Blvd and the deepwater port between 1933 and 1941, combined with a boom brought on by migration during WWII, triggered rapid growth. Although downtown is sleepy away from the water, Corpus does good business attracting large conventions and meetings at the vast American Bank Center.

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