Hispanic family biking in Confluence Park near downtown Denver, Colorado, USA

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Confluence Park

Top choice in Denver

Where Cherry Creek and South Platte River meet is the nexus and plexus of Denver's sunshine-loving culture. Thousands of outdoorsy Denverites flock here to relax and play in the water when the heat gets a little too much.

Tubing and kayaking

Confluence Park makes a stunning setting for an afternoon picnic and there's a short white-water park for kayakers and tubers. No need to worry about lugging your own equipment with you as there's plenty available to hire from Confluence Kayaks. Located across from the Downtown Aquarium, this kayak shop offers gear rental and lots of advice about the area’s white water from laid-back, amiable staff. If you’re a beginner, consider taking a lesson either in the shop's indoor pool or nearby Chatfield Reservoir.  

There's also a small beach and shallow water area that is ideal for kids to splash about in and build sandcastles.

Hiking and biking

Head south from here along the Cherry Creek Trail and you can get all the way to Cherry Creek Reservoir. If you go southwest along the Platte Trail, you'll eventually ride all the way to Chatfield Reservoir. By heading north and connecting to the Clear Creek Trail, you can get to Golden. If the heat is a little too much for you, just hop on the Denver Trolley to enjoy a leisurely trip next to the river.

Nearby shopping and dining

A stroll along the Cherry Creek Trail will bring you to Cherry Creek Shopping Center. A large collection of exclusive international brands (Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany) decorate the corridors of Denver’s high-end shopping facility, anchored by the large Neiman Marcus department store.

There's a movie theater and indoor play area, which are perfect air-conditioned options for families who need a break from fun in the sun. Food choices range from cheap-and-quick mall standards such as Panda Express to the Tuscan fare and elegant linen-draped dining room of Brio.

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