Wailua Valley State Wayside

The Road to Hana

Near the 19-mile marker, Wailua Valley State Wayside lookout comes up on the right. The overlook provides a broad view into verdant Keʻanae Valley, which appears to be 100 shades of green. You can see a couple of waterfalls (when they’re running), and Koʻolau Gap, the break in the rim of Haleakalā crater, on a clear day. Turn towards the sea for an outstanding view of Wailua Peninsula as well – don’t miss this.

A word of caution: the sign for the wayside appears at the last moment, so be on the lookout.

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1. Three Bears Falls

0.34 MILES

Got your camera? This beauty takes its name from the triple cascade that flows down a steep rock face on the inland side of the road, 0.5 miles past the…

2. Ching’s Pond

1.47 MILES

The stream that feeds Keʻanae Peninsula pauses to create a couple of swimming holes just below the bridge, 0.9 miles after the 16-mile marker. If you pull…

3. Puaʻa Kaʻa State Wayside Park

1.61 MILES

The highway cuts right through this delightful 5-acre rainforest park whose name, Puaʻa Kaʻa, means Rolling Pig. Some unlucky passersby will see just the…

4. Keʻanae Peninsula Lookout

1.83 MILES

For a superb bird’s-eye view of the lowland peninsula and village, including the patchwork taro fed by Keʻanae Stream, stop at the paved pull-off just…

5. Keʻanae Congregational Church

1.84 MILES

Surrounded by palm trees, and marking the heart of the village, is this church built in 1860. Enter over the steps of the adjacent cottage. The church is…

6. Keʻanae Peninsula

1.88 MILES

This rare slice of ‘Old Hawaii,’ home to an 1860s church and a wild lava coast, is reached by taking Keʻanae Rd on the makai (seaward) side of the…

7. Keʻanae Park

1.89 MILES

Keʻanae Park is a large green space opposite the scenic coastline of jagged black lava and hypnotic white-capped waves. Forget swimming, as the water is…

8. Kalaloa Point

2.39 MILES

For a fascinating view of the coast, stop at the pull-off on the ocean side of the highway, 0.6 miles past the 14-mile marker. From the point you can look…