Olowalu Petroglyphs

West Maui

A short walk behind Olowalu general store leads to 200–300-year-old petroglyphs (ancient Hawaiian stone carvings). Park just beyond the water tower at the back of the general store. It's a half-mile walk up a dirt road; keep the cinder cone straight ahead of you as you follow the road. Bear left at the Olowalu Cultural Reserve sign then continue to an interpretive marker on your right.

As with most of Maui’s petroglyphs, these figures are carved into the vertical sides of cliffs (rather than on horizontal lava as they are on Hawaiʻi, the Big Island). Most of the Olowalu figures have been damaged, but you can still make out some of them. Don’t climb the rocks for a better look, however, and do watch for falling rocks. There’s interpretive signage at the site. You can see a few more after short walk up the road.

If you have mobility issues, it’s OK to drive to the site, instead of walking, but be careful on the bumpy dirt road and be respectful of neighboring landowners.

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