Polihua Beach


This broad, 1.5-mile-long white-sand beach at the northwestern tip of the island takes its name from the green sea turtles that nest here (polihua means ʻeggs in the bosom'). Although the beach itself is gorgeous, strong winds kicking up the sand and tiny shells often make it stingingly unpleasant; water conditions are treacherous.

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Nearby Lanaʻi attractions

1. Keahiakawelo

3.76 MILES

Inside the Kanepu'u Preserve is this a dramatic place, also known as Garden of the Gods, formed by the eruption of a volcano, the lava bombs that spewed…

2. Kanepuʻu Preserve

4.99 MILES

The 590-acre Kanepuʻu Preserve is the last native dryland forest of its kind across all Hawaii. Just 5 miles northwest of Lanaʻi City, the forest is home…

3. Pōāiwa Petroglyph Trail

8.42 MILES

Near Shipwreck Beach a 0.5-mile trail leads directly inland to the Pōāiwa petroglyphs – a cluster of more than 20 fragile carvings on dense basalt-lava…

4. Shipwreck Beach

8.59 MILES

You can stroll along this blustery shore for 7 miles looking for flotsam and shipwrecks, and taking in the views of Molokaʻi and Maui. This area is the…

5. Lanaʻi Culture & Heritage Center

9.89 MILES

This engaging small museum is the best place to start before exploring the rest of Lana'i. It has displays with cultural artifacts covering the island's…

6. Lanaʻi Cat Sanctuary


Easily Lana‘i's most peculiar attraction is this volunteer-run, 3-acre feline wonderland housing 620 cats that have been 'rescued' from the wild. Locals…

7. One Aliʻi Beach Park

10.96 MILES

Three miles east of town, this park is split into two areas. One side has a coconut-palm-lined shore, a playing field, a children's playground, a rundown…

8. Kaunakakai Wharf

11.03 MILES

Come here to witness Molokaʻi's busy commercial lifeline. OK, it's not that busy… a freight barge occasionally chugs in, skippers unload their catch of…