Kaumahina State Wayside Park

The Road to Hana

Clean restrooms and a grassy lawn with picnic tables make this roadside park a family-friendly stop. The park comes up 350yd after the 12-mile marker. Take the short walk up the hill past the restrooms for an eye-popping view of coastal scenery. No drinking water. For the next several miles the scenery is absolutely stunning, opening up to a new vista at every turn. If it’s been raining recently, you can see waterfalls galore crashing down the mountains.

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1. Haipuaʻena Falls

0.55 MILES

For a secluded dip, Haipuaʻena Falls, 0.5 miles past the 11-mile marker, provides a deep and serene pool. Since you can’t see the pool from the road, few…

2. Garden of Eden Arboretum


Why pay a steep $15 per person – not per carload, mind you – to visit an arboretum when the entire Road to Hana is a garden? Well, the garden does offer a…

3. Kalaloa Point

0.75 MILES

For a fascinating view of the coast, stop at the pull-off on the ocean side of the highway, 0.6 miles past the 14-mile marker. From the point you can look…

4. Honomanu Park

0.78 MILES

Honomanu Bay’s rocky black-sand beach is usually empty or being used by local surfers and fishers. Surfable waves form during big swells, but the rocky…

5. Puohokamoa Falls

0.87 MILES

Immediately after the 11-mile marker you’ll pass Puohokamoa Falls. This waterfall no longer has public access, but you can get a glimpse of it from the…

6. Waikamoi Falls

1.12 MILES

There’s only space for a few cars before the bridge at the 10-mile marker, but unless it’s been raining recently don’t worry about missing this one. The…

7. Keʻanae Peninsula Lookout

1.55 MILES

For a superb bird’s-eye view of the lowland peninsula and village, including the patchwork taro fed by Keʻanae Stream, stop at the paved pull-off just…

8. Keʻanae Congregational Church

1.64 MILES

Surrounded by palm trees, and marking the heart of the village, is this church built in 1860. Enter over the steps of the adjacent cottage. The church is…