Kaulanapueo Church

The Road to Hana

Constructed in 1853 of coral blocks and surrounded by a manicured green lawn, this tidy church remains the heart of the village. It was built in early Hawaiian missionary style, with a spare interior and a tin roof topped by a green steeple. Swaying palm trees add a tropical backdrop. There are no formal opening hours, but the church may be unlocked during the day.

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1. Twin Falls


Just after the Hana Hwy's 2-mile marker, a wide parking area marks the start of the trail to Twin Falls. Local kids and tourists flock to the pool beneath…

2. Koʻolau Ditch

2.55 MILES

For more than a century the Koʻolau Ditch has been carrying up to 450 million gallons of water a day through 75 miles of flumes and tunnels from Maui’s…

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4. Garden of Eden Arboretum


Why pay a steep $15 per person – not per carload, mind you – to visit an arboretum when the entire Road to Hana is a garden? Well, the garden does offer a…

5. Puohokamoa Falls

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Clean restrooms and a grassy lawn with picnic tables make this roadside park a family-friendly stop. The park comes up 350yd after the 12-mile marker…

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