Magic and myth from across the seas and the pages of fantasy books inspire this mystical corner of the park. Here you'll find dragons and unicorns, psychic readings and fortune-tellers. And don't be startled if that fountain talks to you as you walk past. The Mystic Fountain banters sassily, soaking children with its waterspouts when they least expect it and engaging them in silly conversation.

At the swashbuckling Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt Show (Express Pass), Sinbad and his sidekick Kabob must rescue Princess Amoura from the terrible Miseria and, of course, Sinbad has to tumble and jump around to do it. Or head into the ancient Temple of Poseidon in Poseidon's Fury, with an archaeologist who leads you deep into the temple… until you're 'trapped' in a massive battle. Think lasers, water, fireballs.