Mumm Napa

Napa Valley

You probably have a bottle of Mumm's well-known sparking wine at home. Why not try it at the source? The valley views are spectacular and the respectable sparkling wines are sampled by the glass beneath a vineyard-side pergola or seated on a vineyard-view terrace – ideal if you want to impress conservative parents-in-law.

Dodge crowds by coming early, or paying $45 for the reserve-tasting Oak Terrace (reservations required). There's also a fabulous photography gallery featuring the work of Ansel Adams. Last seating is at 5:45pm.

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Nearby Napa Valley attractions

1. Frog's Leap

0.58 MILES

Meandering paths wind through magical gardens and fruit-bearing orchards surrounding an 1884 barn and farmstead with cats and chickens. The vibe is casual…

2. Round Pond

1.11 MILES

Estate tastings offer fantastic food pairings on a vineyard-view stone patio. We especially love the olive-oil and wine-vinegar tastings, included with…

3. Grgich Hills Estate

1.96 MILES

The esteemed owner of this longstanding winery put Napa on the map when his Chateau Montelena Napa Valley Chardonnay earned a stunning victory in the…

4. Elizabeth Spencer

1.98 MILES

Check in at this 1872 former post-office building and indulge in tastings tableside in the outdoor garden courtyard at this inviting small winery…

5. Tres Sabores

2.82 MILES

At the valley’s westernmost edge, where sloping vineyards meet wooded hillsides, Tres Sabores is a portal to old Napa – no fancy tasting room, no snobbery…

6. Robert Mondavi

2.87 MILES

Tour buses flock to this corporate-owned winery, but if you know nothing about wine and can cope with crowds, the worthwhile tours provide good insight…

7. Hall

3.04 MILES

Co-owned by Bill Clinton’s former ambassador to Austria, Hall specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot, crafted in big-fruit…

8. Long Meadow Ranch

3.64 MILES

Long Meadow stands out for olive-oil tastings ($10), plus good estate-grown cabernet, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir, served inside an 1874…