Located in a renovated warehouse, this gallery is part of the Fort Point Arts Community. At FP3 you will find solo shows by some of the most prominent members of the community, including fantastic paintings and other multimedia pieces.

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1. Fort Point Arts Community

0.06 MILES

This refurbished big-windowed warehouse is the hub of the Fort Point Arts Community, and contains a gallery featuring work from the talented collective…

2. Boston Children's Museum


The interactive, educational exhibits at the delightful Boston Children’s Museum keep kids entertained for hours. Highlights include a bubble exhibit,…

3. Hood Milk Bottle

0.12 MILES

Towering 40ft over Fort Point Channel, the giant Hood Milk Bottle would hold 50,000 gallons of milk if it could hold a drop (that’s 800,000 glasses of…

4. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

0.17 MILES

'Boston Harbor a teapot tonight!' To protest against unfair taxes, a gang of rebellious colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the water. The 1773…

5. Institute of Contemporary Art

0.32 MILES

Boston has become a focal point for contemporary art in the 21st century, with the Institute of Contemporary Art leading the way. The building is a work…

6. Midway Gallery

0.38 MILES

Fort Point is no longer the gritty, offbeat artists' enclave it once was, but there is still a flourishing artistic community here – which you will find…

7. Dewey Sq Parks

0.38 MILES

With food vendors and farmers markets, this is a popular lunch spot for the working world. You know you're in the right place when you spot the giant…

8. Chinatown Gate

0.58 MILES

The official entrance to Chinatown is the decorative gate (paifong), a gift from the city of Taipei. It is symbolic – not only as an entryway for guests…