Sharjah Heritage Museum


This museum goes a long way towards demystifying Emirati culture for visitors. Each of the five galleries examines different aspects of local life, from religious values and birth and burial rituals to wedding ceremonies, local fables and folk medicine. Excellent English-language information panels make a visit here an educational experience, and there are plenty of traditional implements on display; check out the mannequin showcasing the al manyour (a belt made from 307 dried goat hooves worn during the noban dance).

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1. Bait Al Naboodah

0.03 MILES

A fine example of early Emirati architecture, this 1845 house was once home to pearl merchant Obaid Al Naboodah. Note in particular the teak-wood ionic…

2. Al Eslah School Museum

0.04 MILES

This teensy museum was Sharjah's first school, and three rooms have been set up to show what classrooms would have looked like 70 years ago while framed…

3. Sharjah Calligraphy Museum

0.05 MILES

Don't think calligraphy is worthy of your time? Think again. The two galleries here showcase this swirling, beautiful art form at its best with works by…

4. Sharjah Fort

0.15 MILES

A row of cannons welcomes visitors to Sharjah's beautifully renovated 1823 fort (hisn), which reopened as a museum in 2015. Once through its mighty teak…

5. eL Seed Calligraffiti

0.16 MILES

Renowned French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed brought his trademark 'calligraffiti' street art to Sharjah in 2015 with this snake-like design sprawling…

7. Archaeological Findings

0.18 MILES

If you're interested in digging a bit further into Sharjah's trading history, this small shop space in Souq Al Shanisiyah has been turned into an exhibit…

8. Sharjah Art Museum

0.34 MILES

Sharjah's heritage and arts areas are anchored by one of the region's most dynamic art museums, a treat for committed art-lovers and casual visitors alike…