Ajman Beach

United Arab Emirates

The long strip of wide sandy public beach that trails along the Corniche Rd is decently clean and well maintained (though it can’t compare to the manicured-sand expanses of the hotels’ private beaches). The prettiest stretch, with soft white sand, is south of the Ramada Beach Hotel. There's usually a camel or two hanging out for camel rides along the beach as well. Note that you'll need to BYO shade.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby United Arab Emirates attractions

1. Al Murabbaa Tower

0.09 MILES

Today sitting rather incongruously in the middle of a traffic roundabout on the busy Corniche Rd, this mud-brick watchtower was built as part of Ajman's…

2. Ajman Museum

1.07 MILES

This late-18th-century fort served as the ruler’s residence until 1970 and also saw a stint as the police station. Now its rooms hold a higgledy-piggledy…

3. Dhow Building Yard

2.03 MILES

Ajman's dhow-building yard is one of the few left in the region, making both traditional wooden dhows and modern fibreglass versions. In the cooler months…

4. Rain Room


It's impossible for the desert to miss the rain with the opening of this installation, where you can walk beneath a never-ending downpour of 2500 litres…

5. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

3.77 MILES

Just about everything you'd want to know about Islam is addressed in this museum set in a stunningly converted souq on the waterfront. The ground-floor…

6. Sharjah Art Museum

4.05 MILES

Sharjah's heritage and arts areas are anchored by one of the region's most dynamic art museums, a treat for committed art-lovers and casual visitors alike…

7. eL Seed Calligraffiti

4.22 MILES

Renowned French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed brought his trademark 'calligraffiti' street art to Sharjah in 2015 with this snake-like design sprawling…

8. Sharjah Fort

4.23 MILES

A row of cannons welcomes visitors to Sharjah's beautifully renovated 1823 fort (hisn), which reopened as a museum in 2015. Once through its mighty teak…