Andriyivsky Uzviz


in Kyiv

Ukraine, Kiev, St Andrews Church (1754 by Bartelomeo Rastrelli) on Andrews Decent (Andriyivsky Uzviz)

Getty Images/AWL Images RM

According to legend, a man walked up the hill here, erected a cross and prophesied, 'A great city will stand on this spot.' That man was the Apostle Andrew, hence the name of Kyiv's quaintest thoroughfare, a steep cobbled street that winds its way up from Kontraktova pl to vul Volodymyrska, with a vaguely Montparnasse feel. Along the length of 'the uzviz' you'll find cafes, art galleries and vendors selling all manner of souvenirs and kitsch.

The street's highlight, near the top of the hill, is the stunning gold and blue St Andrew's Church, a five-domed, cross-shaped baroque masterpiece that celebrates the apostle legend.