Must see attractions in Konya

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    Mevlâna Museum

    For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the main reason to come to Konya is to visit this former lodge of the whirling dervishes and home to the tomb of…

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    Tile Museum

    Gorgeously restored, the interior central dome and walls of this former Seljuk theological school (1251) showcase some finely preserved blue-and-white…

  • Çatalhöyük

    Rising 20m above the surrounding flat Konya plains, the East Mound at Çatalhöyük is one of the most important, and largest, Neolithic settlements on earth…

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    Alaaddin Cami

    Konya's most important religious building after the Mevlâna shrine, this Seljuk mosque bestrides Alaaddin Tepesi. Built for Alaeddin Keykubad I, Sultan of…

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    Archaeological Museum

    The rather dusty Archaeological Museum houses interesting finds from Çatalhöyük, including the skeleton of a baby girl, clutching jewellery made of stone…

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    Sahib-i Ata Külliyesi

    Behind its requisite grand entrance with built-in minaret is the Sahib-i Ata Külliyesi, originally constructed during the reign of Alaaddin Keykavus…

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    Şems-i Tebrizi Cami

    An important pilgrimage place, this mosque contains the elegant 14th-century tomb of Rumi's spiritual mentor, Şemsi Tebrizi (Şems of Tabriz). It's in a…

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    Sahib-i Ata Vakıf Müzesi

    This old dervish lodge, with its red-brick and blue-tiled interior, is home to the Sahib-i Ata Vakıf Müzesi, with an interesting collection of religious…

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    Koyunoğlu Museum

    This curious museum contains the legacy of railway inspector Izzet Koyunoğlu who built up his esoteric collection of rare, er, collectables on his travels…

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    Sırçalı Medrese

    Sponsored by the Seljuk vizier Bedreddin Muhlis, the 13th-century Sırçalı Medrese was named after its tiled exterior. Inside, in the courtyard, some of…

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    Şerafettin Cami

    This stately mosque, with its huge dome and intricately carved minber (pulpit), dates from the 14th century, but is built on the site of an earlier 12th…

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    Ethnographic Museum

    The little-visited Ethnographic Museum has a good collection of Ottoman craftwork although some of the exhibits do look a little dusty and unloved.

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    Selimiye Cami

    Konya's most prominent mosque is the Selimiye Cami, built between 1566 and 1574 when Sultan Selim II was the governor of Konya.

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    Atatürk Statue

    This monument is on bustling Ferit Paşa Caddesi in central Konya.