Alaaddin Cami


Konya's most important religious building after the Mevlâna shrine, this Seljuk mosque bestrides Alaaddin Tepesi. Built for Alaeddin Keykubad I, Sultan of Rum from 1219 to 1231, the rambling 13th-century building was designed by a Damascene architect in Arab style. Over the centuries it was embellished, refurbished, ruined and restored. The grand original entrance on the northern side incorporates decoration from earlier Byzantine and Roman buildings.

Surrounding the mosque is Alaaddin Tepesi, the town's favourite flower garden and park. It is at its sweetest in the spring when its summit is a glowing carpet of tulips. There are several pleasant tea shops and cafes here.

The mosque and some of the surrounding area on Alaaddin Tepesi have been undergoing a huge restoration for the past few years so expect some scaffolding.

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