Corbin Local Wildlife Park

Top choice in Tobago

Established by hunter turned conservationist Roy Corbin in Tobago's forest-covered interior, just inland of the windward coast's Hope Bay, this nonprofit sanctuary is home to most of the island's indigenous animals, from manicou (opossum) and tatoo (armadillo) to iguana, agouti and boa constrictors, housed in large enclosures between the trees; a lily-covered pond also holds a wild caiman. Guided walks (usually led by Corbin himself) offer a fascinating insight into Tobago's wildlife and forests, and are also great for birdwatching.

Many of the residents have been rehabilitated here following injuries from traffic or hunters (and are released into the wild once back to full health), while others are unwanted pets; all profits are channelled back into the Park's conservation work, and a visit here helps to protect Tobago's wildlife as well as offering an absorbing alternative to days at the beach. Visits must be booked in advance, as you need to travel the final leg up to the park in one of its 4WD trucks. Access is from Mason Hall or Hope Bay.

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