Tobago Museum


The Fort King George officers’ quarters now contain this small but worthy museum, which displays a healthy collection of Amerindian artifacts, maps from the 1600s, military relics, paintings, a small geology exhibit and a neat collection of domestic artifacts from Tobago's more recent history.

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1. Fort King George

Atop a hill at the end of Fort St, this sizable fort was built by the British between 1777 and 1779, and is worth a visit to see its restored colonial-era…

2. Icons of Tobago Museum

0.03 MILES

Opened in early 2019 to celebrate Tobago's musical legends, this is very much a work in progress, with one room displaying shelf after shelf of awards…

3. Bacolet Bay

0.45 MILES

Around the headland to the east of Scarborough is the suburb of Bacolet. This pretty enclave of well-to-do homes and a couple of hotels overlooks Bacolet…

4. Botanical Gardens

0.71 MILES

A pretty place to duck out of the heat, with a variety of flowering trees and shrubs, including flamboyants, African tulips and orchids (in an orchid…

5. Corbin Local Wildlife Park

2.25 MILES

Established by hunter turned conservationist Roy Corbin in Tobago's forest-covered interior, just inland of the windward coast's Hope Bay, this nonprofit…

6. Turtle Beach

4.29 MILES

A long stretch of yellow-brown sand, with wave-whipped waters shelving sharply off from the beach, this is also one of Tobago’s main nesting sites for…

7. Kimme Sculpture Museum

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At the Mt Irvine golf course, turn off the main road onto Orange Hill Rd and you’ll see signs leading you to the blinged-out former home of Luise Kimme, a…

8. Stonehaven Bay

4.41 MILES

Northeast of Mt Irvine, this fabulous sweep of coarse yellow sand, also known as Grafton Bay, offers some fabulous swimming and bodyboarding in clear…