Accessed by a signposted turnoff from the main highway a few kilometers east of Crown Point, Canoe Bay is a shallow and very secluded bay that sometimes sees local families drop in for a picnic; though the waters have a lot of rocks and seagrass, so swimming isn't great. Bring your own refreshments.

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1. Store Bay

2.87 MILES

You’ll find white sands and excellent year-round swimming at Store Bay, a five-minute walk from the airport and the seashore of choice for holidaying…

2. Kimme Sculpture Museum

3.01 MILES

At the Mt Irvine golf course, turn off the main road onto Orange Hill Rd and you’ll see signs leading you to the blinged-out former home of Luise Kimme, a…

3. Pigeon Point

3.38 MILES

You have to pay to get into Pigeon Point, the fine dining of Tobago’s beaches, with landscaped grounds, bars, restaurants, toilets and showers spread…

4. Mt Irvine Hotel Beach

3.47 MILES

Just south of the main Mt Irvine Beach, a turnoff from the main road leads to an adjoining swath of sand, where the swimming in calm emerald waters is…

5. Mt Irvine Beach

3.59 MILES

This pretty public beach, 200m north of Mt Irvine Bay Hotel, has sheltered picnic tables and changing rooms, plus a beachside restaurant and bar, a roti…

6. Stonehaven Bay

4.27 MILES

Northeast of Mt Irvine, this fabulous sweep of coarse yellow sand, also known as Grafton Bay, offers some fabulous swimming and bodyboarding in clear…

7. Fort Bennett

4.58 MILES

Built by the British in 1778 to defend against US enemy ships, little remains of Fort Bennett other than a couple of cannons, but this landscaped…

8. Turtle Beach


A long stretch of yellow-brown sand, with wave-whipped waters shelving sharply off from the beach, this is also one of Tobago’s main nesting sites for…