Trinidad & Tobago in detail

Money and Costs


TT dollar (TT$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than TT$750

  • Dorm room: TT$20–30
  • Double room in a basic guesthouse: TT$300–400
  • Carry-out lunch and dinner: TT$120–180
  • Museum admission: TT$10
  • Beer: TT$10
  • City transport ticket: TT$3
  • Route taxi fares: TT$5–10

Midrange: TT$750–2000

  • Double room in an upscale guesthouse: TT$450–600
  • Hotel room: TT$675–1000
  • Restaurant lunch and dinner: TT$300–500
  • Short taxi ride: TT$60
  • Car rental: TT$250

Top End: More than TT$2000

  • Upscale hotel room: TT$1500–5000
  • Fine-dining lunch and dinner: TT$400–800
  • Guided tour: TT$350–$750


The official currency is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar (TT$), but many goods or services are priced in US$. We quote rates as they are given.


ATMs are widespread in all towns and tourist areas, and within most malls and supermarkets. Many banks have drive-through ATMs. All dispense TT$ currency only.

Changing Money

Cambios are nonexistent, so you'll need to visit banks, which will exchange a number of foreign currencies. You’ll generally get better rates for US dollars or euros.

Credit Cards

Most restaurants, hotels, dive shops, car-rental companies and more established guesthouses accept credit cards. Contactless payment is available at large supermarkets and some service stations.

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1TT$4.49

For current exchange rates, see


Tipping is not part of Trinidad and Tobago culture, though it's increasingly common.

  • Restaurants If no service charge, tip 10% to 15%.
  • Bars Not expected, but there may be a tip box.
  • Hotels TT$100 or more for cleaning staff.
  • Grocery stores TT$5 to TT$10 for shopping packers, and assistance wheeling trolley and packing vehicle.
  • Taxis Don't tip maxi-taxis or route-taxis. Tipping private taxis is not expected but will be appreciated.


There isn't really a bargaining culture in TnT, though you may be able to negotiate a reduction on accommodation rates or tours during quiet times, or get a discount at market stalls or craft shops if buying several items. Everywhere else you're expected to pay the quoted price.